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If you already follow the blog via www.tarotseed.com then you may have seen that I moved my blog/website! You can find me here:

Daily Energy + Advice

(Homestuck Tarot and Connected & Free Oracle)

Keep your head clear and your heart open in any direction or choices that may come your way. Try to reach out of your comfort zone and make an attempt at something new, even if it just means getting out of the house!

If you like this little post, I may continue them Monday through Friday! I'm also in the works of moving the blog to a website, so I apologize in advance if the blog gets a bit weird for a bit.

Witchy Wants for June

Some sacred items I've been lusting for this month! Thought I would share! What are some things you have been wishing for this month?

◉  ◉  ◉

Palmistry Moon Mystic Altar Tile by Unusual Optical Designs 
These wood tiles have been calling my name for a while now, I would love to add one to my moon space! This shop has gorgeous crystals and other wood tiles, the jewelry selection is stunning!

Ancestors Handmade Ritual Candle by Magic Hour Astrology 
I adore these candles! I have the Clearing candle and I use it every morning with my yoga and meditation, as well as anytime I wish to hold sacred space. They are beautifully made and smell wonderful. I have wanted to add a few to my collection and this Ancestor candle will for sure be my next purchase from their shop.

Midsummer Ritual Incense by Black Earth Botanica 
With the Summer Solstice right around the corner (and on my birthday!), these have been sitting in my shopping cart. Not only does the incense blend sound delightful, but the packaging looks inviting! 

Starfield Leather Journal by Odelae 
What fellow Pantheist wouldn't treasure this blank journal, I know I do! I've been drooling over this journal for some time now. This shop also carries other gorgeous journals, they all look so carefully made.

Luna Ring by Kulla 
Being a seeker and follower of La Luna, this would be a pretty piece to add to my daily attire. I love the simple style of this ring, I'm not normally a ring wearer so this is right up my alley! The seller also makes some gorgeous stone rings as well!

Daily Life + New Moon

With the new New Moon around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about my life right now and how it has changed. For a long while I have been feeling much like the Death card in tarot, but I feel myself emerging from that shell and becoming more like the Moon. I'm starting to explore the shadows and new things in my world. Reaching out of my comfort zone and just feeling around. Sometimes I feel like I'm searching blind, but it's not a bad feeling.

My path and practice has made some quick changes this past year, and I feel I am on the right track lately. I'm learning more and more that "picking and choosing" is how my practice thrives, I definitely follow a chaotic path! I love it that way!

Each New Moon (and Full) I've been fine tuning my own ways of honoring her. Seems that every month it is drastically different than the previous month, I like this. I like random and I like my "rituals" to be free flowing. I don't necessarily like the word "ritual", it's another word that never sits well with me, but I'll go with it!

I was reading  Woman Magick and loved what Nessa mentions about naming the moons yourself! This makes each moon very personal, I love that. I've been pondering what I would name the New Moon...

What do you do for the New and Full Moons? Has your path or practice been changing lately?

The Fool

If I were to meet the Fool for coffee... he would be late. Not on purpose however. The Fool may have gotten side tracked while walking down the street, perhaps a patch of daisies caught his eye and decided to stop to see if they have a message to share with him, or someone on the street corner handed him a band flyer and he decided to run off to hear them play. The Fool is very "live by the moment" and goes where his heart leads. Often times he purposely leaves his cell phone at home so no one can interrupt his day. He rarely checks his email, if he does... it's weeks before you hear back from him. Again, not on purpose, he means well!

(The Collective Tarot)

His Converse shoes are worn with holes so you can see his non-matching socks. He has hair like the late Kurt Cobain and always seen carrying a bag filled with random supplies:

  • A deck of tarot cards, a few are heavily worn
  • Several granola bars
  • A film camera but with no film
  • Some spoons and a single match
  • An over-stuffed journal, packed with pressed flowers and concert tickets
The Fool is a very light hearted person, very carefree, at times he can be too carefree. His is always ready to take the first leap on a journey, even if he has no place to go or and end in sight. He can easily tap into childhood innocence and know that everything has potential. I see the Fool as a dreamer who books a random flight to a new city on the whim that they may find happiness, or someone who picks up a Tarot deck for the first time and not knowing anything about the cards but is eager to learn, or perhaps I see the Fool in myself when just getting out of bed... a new day, a new journey. 

Where do you see the Fool?

Sacred Space in the New Place

Some big changes have been going on in my life, we moved! Last month we bought a house, I am finally able to have my own room and space as well. I thought I would take a moment and share my sacred space with you on the blog. It's still a work in progress, but some area's are nearly done, and I'm thrilled to be in this space.

My favorite spot in this room is my main shelf. It holds all my books, stones, and a few altars. 

On this shelf I have two altar spaces on each top end. The left side is my Earth and Womoon altar. This space is where I honor the Mother Earth and everything womoon, from moontime to femininity. While I recognize myself as a Naturalistic Pantheist, I am very drawn to all the many denominations of the Goddess. I find anything Goddess based very interesting and comforting, I have been trying to incorporate this more and more into my practice. My practice has been slowly growing again after a major shift I had last year. I may do a post in the future about what my practice is if anyone is interested. I've been wanting to add more to this blog that isn't just all tarot.

On the other end, I have my ancestor altar. This space just popped up this morning, I felt drawn to set up a space for my father in law. For some reason I get the vibe that I should set this space up. My father in law passed away early last year, he inspired me a lot to study Shamanism this year and I feel I owe him much gratitude for that. He was very active in Native American practices and would make medicine bags by the hundreds (no joke, we have boxes upon boxes of pouches he has made), he also made a large batch of ceremonial incense that we burned at his memorial in Sedona, Az. 

There is a small table with drawers near a window, I am currently using this space for my Chakra altars as I work my way through the Chakra Rhythms course with Moondaughter. Currently we are on the Solar Plexus and I set my altar up this morning... I'm a few days behind due to the move, oop's!

My last altar space (I'm sure this won't be the last altar I set up, too) is my moon altar! One of my favorite altars of them all, even as simple as it currently is. I plan to add a few more items to this altar when I unpack them, but for now it's done. This is a space that holds a special place in my heart, my path is very moon based. The sun has been entering my daily practice as well, for some reason I never focused on the sun since it's very masculine, I tend to favor all things feminine and not so much masculine. I've just always been turned off about having a masculine side to my practice.

The Hierophant

So, I caved and decided to start the Alternative Tarot course two days early instead of waiting till Monday. I think I will just be adding these extra days to the first week and start week 2 on the 2nd, sounds good to me! This morning I pulled The Hierophant out from my Homestuck Tarot and was inspired to blog about it. Normally when I do daily draws, I pull two cards, so to do just one will be a challenge for me. I just like a two card draw (which is normally a energy + advice reading for the day).

Now, this is a slightly different image of the Hierophant than most are used to.  The guy on my cards for sure has a mobster feel to me, but still a great length of mystery as well. When first looking at the colors of this card, three stand out most to me: Deep Red, Dark Gray and a Light Pea Green. This only adds to the mystery for me, someone lurking in the shadows with a secret to share. 

The element that I feel is being represented on this card for me is the fire/wands suit. I get a strong sense of this element even though I think communication is in play as well, I feel he wants me to take action with the messages he is about to give me. 

If I were to meet this guy in a dark alley, this guy would signal me over very casually to say he has an important task for me. He has trust in me that I will listen and take what he says to heart, he knows I will do my best and try to get the task done. Even though this guy is a bit intimidating, I really think he has a bit of forgiveness to him but it still fairly stern. This gangster does not feel human to me at all, looking at his hands, I can see he is partially skeleton. Perhaps he has risen from the dead to teach me a lesson or pass along some dark secret that he has learned? Or maybe he is giving me a warning? Looking at the background of this card, it's clear he went through some serious shit, so whatever he is here to tell me must be important!

What do you see in this card? What message do you this this mobster wants to share?

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