3 Simple Tips for Intuitive Reading

(The Light Grey Tarot and The 8-Bit Tarot)

When reading on intuition, I've always believed that the little white books that come with tarot decks can be a hinder, rather than a helpful companion. I find that these block your natural intuition when reading the cards. In the beginning of my tarot journey, I would scan through the books after opening a new deck and notice that they repeat what the last booklet said in a previous deck... just reworded.

Once I started to ignore the books, my readings became so much more natural and fluid. It was like a whole new world opened up! Sometimes readers will get into a habit with turning over the cards and grabbing the book. I've even heard new readers say that they will journal what they see and then look in the books to see if they are "correct", only to change their first reactions.

Let's try to break this habit! Here are a 3 tips I have used to help break that cycle and get your intuition flowing!

1. Don't Rush

Take your time with reading the cards. If you are in a hurry and only have 2 minutes to spare, set them aside till you get home or take a picture of the cards with your phone so you can view them on your lunch break or on the bus! Allowing more time to read the cards will give you the chance to dig a little deeper.

2. Card Stories

When placing a card down, take a moment to soak in the image. What is going on in the card? Describe to yourself what you see, even out loud if that helps (I do that a lot!). If people are present in the card, what are they doing? Putting yourself in the card will also help you tap into the emotion of what is going on. So take the 3 of Wands for instance, I always ask myself "If I were standing there and looking out, would I be waiting for something to come or watching something leave?".

3. Card Play

Practice, practice, practice! When I'm alone and don't feel like doing a reading for myself, I get creative! I have practiced on my cat in the past (yes you read that right). I gave my cat a story like "looking for my soul mate" or "I'm debating on going back to kitty school". You don't have to use your cat though, you can make up people that come to you for a reading or you can use fictional characters from books or movies. My favorite fiction book character to use is Marla Singer from Fight Club. Use a character that you know well, this will help you understand their story and the reason they are coming to you for a reading.

Tarot can be so much fun! There is no wrong or right way to reading the cards, so put down the books and go with the flow! You will be surprised at how well you already know the cards, even if it's a new deck.

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