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Every day I usually pull two cards for my Energy & Advice. I find that using a two card daily pull gives you a little challenge and good practice with linking the cards together.

(The Collective Tarot)

Negative thinking can not just put a toll on you mentally, but also physically. Slap on that bikini, step up to the plank and take a dive into happy land today! You won't go far when you are stressed and loosing your feathers. So switch that frown upside down, look in the mirror and repeat "I am AWESOME!".

Now lets break down this a bit more, shall we? Here is how I interpreted these cards this morning...

Self love comes to mind when looking at the Apprentice of Bottles paired with the Nine of Feathers. My attention draws to the physical aspects of each characters in the cards. You have a bird who is trapped in a cage, stressed and loosing his feathers. That brings me to the thought that this situation is brought on by himself because some birds are quite content sitting on a perch, singing with the sunrise.

Then you have the full figured woman in a bikini who is taking a dive and surrounded by pink ribbons. It takes confidence to wear a bikini, no matter what size or shape you are! I'm a "fluffy" woman (as I like to call it) and have had issues in the past with self love and still do, I know what a toll that can put on you! It shows on the outside just as much as it can show on this inside. You feel trapped, insecure and worry about what others are thinking of you. When you overcome that self hate, you glow! Your confidence is sky high and you don't give a damn what others think about you. It's a feeling of euphoria and a magical boost in your daily life!

How do you read these two cards?

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