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Pulled my energy & advice cards a bit late this morning! I was greeted with the Four of Keys and Four of Feathers... also known as the Wands and Swords. Lets break these down, then bring them back together!

Four of Keys
Some key notes I jotted down about this card was: relaxation, unwinding, taking a break and celebration. When looking at this card I see a group of people relaxing in a hot tub. They are surrounded by finished work, clothes thrown to the side and smiles on their faces. This brings me to the idea that they had a day of hard work but got the work done, now they can let out a long sigh and put their feet up to enjoy the rest of the day.

Four of Feathers
My first thoughts on this card was: focus, carefree, relaxed and flow. I draw my attention to the birds coming out of the chimney and the feathers framing them in. At first look, it would seem the birds are escaping and flying away, but as I take a closer look at them, I notice they are not escaping but rather just flying around. The birds are all going in different directions and not leaving the frame of feathers, so they are not fleeing from the chimney but just taking a moment to stretch their wings. This is a card of thought and mental action. The words "keeping focused but letting loose" seems to call out to me in this card.

Pulling them both together, this is how I interpret today's cards:
Take a day of relaxation and unwind. When doing lots of heavy thinking, planning and mental note taking, it is easy to get burnt out. Having a moment to rejuvenate and breath will only help you think clearer and continue on. Keep your eye on the prize, but don't worry to much on getting there today because it will still be there tomorrow, trust me! You deserve a break! So grab a beer, get cozy on the couch and put your feet up!

How would you interpret the Four of Feathers? 


  1. I know this post is a few days old now, but I have to comment about how beautiful these two cards are together... I love that they have a similar message about taking a step back from the action, but with completely different tones and imagery. Like, looking at the keys/wands, I can almost feel a cold beer in my hand on a hot afternoon, while the feathers/swords is more like sitting alone on a late fall evening.

    I'm pretty sad this deck is out of print, did you snag it before they sold out, or was it an ebay find? I love all the images I've seen from it.

    1. Don't these cards speak so well?! I get such good readings when reading with this deck, it really lets my imagination travel with them.

      I managed to actually get this deck through a trade on Instagram! It took me about 6 months of searching. I really wish they would reprint it, it's awesome!


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