Energy + Advice

(Deck used: The Collective Tarot)

Boom, today's energy and advice! 

Today we are greeted with the Apprentice of Bones and the Nine of Keys! Some will know these two as the Knight of Pentacles and the Nine of Wands.

Lets break these down, shall we?!

We first look at the Apprentice of Bones. In this card, you see a scholar who is resting up against a stack of books. I get the feeling he is in a classroom and is a bit of a goody-goody in his class. He is well read and confident! Ready to take the next action to start his career or get his goals moving.

Then we have a peek at the Nine of Keys. The woman in this card is running a solo show! Just like the other card, I sense a lot of confidence in her. When jumping through a ring of fire, you would need to have that full focus of trust and determination. She has practiced well and is in the zone, even though she is alone, she is still doing her very best!

Now together!

Armed with knowledge and determination will get you far today as long as you are willing to take that leap. Just go for it friends! Even if you are going at it alone, be proud that you are able to take this step! Show people what you're made of and don't be afraid if you are the only one who seems to care. What you are aiming for is important to you and that is all that matters!

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