Energy & Advice

(Decks used: Homestuck and Collective Tarot)

What a pair these are, the King of Cups and the Mentor of Feathers (King of Swords). You have two men who are strong willed and in charge. On one side you have a man who is calm, collected and getting ready for work with a cool attitude. Then on the other side we have a chatty bird who is quite in the spotlight. The bird has loud confidence about them and people are all ears!

Here is how I interpreted todays message... While you feel very much in control and want to take a relaxed approach to the day, taking a step up may be needed to voice your opinion and hold your ground. Whether it's based on your beliefs, ethics or idea's, be sure whatever you do, keep a tight grasp on your head and don't let it float to high! Know when to step off the soapbox and don't push your limits with others today in conversation. Be sure to think before you speak!

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