Heebie Jeebie Cards

(Deck: 8-Bit Tarot)

What the heck are "Heebie Jeebie Cards"?! That is what I call cards that make you either scared as hell or make you want to puke because they are so overly happy. You know... the 10 of Swords, The Tower, even the 7 of Swords can make some people want to reshuffle. One overly happy card that comes to mind is the 10 of Cups, as awesome as it is, it reminds me of The Brady Bunch.

One of my favorite methods to use when reading Heebie Jeebie cards is to figure out why you don't like these cards. What makes you so uncomfortable when they pop up?

Try this exercise!

Pull out the cards that give you the Heebie Jeebie's, or even cards that just don't sit well with you. On a piece of paper, make two columns. In one column you will write all the positive aspects of this card and on the other column, write down the negative aspects about this card. You will see that the cards you fear aren't that scary after all and some can be quite helpful in a reading!

I have used this method before on some cards, mostly overly happy cards. It can be just as hard to see a "bad" card in a positive position,  as it can be to see a "happy" card in a negative position. Play around with the cards you fear and really get to know all angles of them, it can help you build an amazing relationship!

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