Little Update

(Card pictured: Sakki-Sakki Tarot)

If you haven't noticed, I moved my tarot readings to my Etsy shop yesterday! It was something that was on my mind and I kept putting off, but I'm glad I did it finally. Now that my readings are there, it's easier for me to offer coupons and discounts for them!

Speaking of coupons... if you are signed up for my monthly newsletter, I will be sending out a coupon code next week for the shop to celebrate the Summer Solstice and my Birthday on the 21st. You will only be able to grab this coupon if you sign up for the newsletter, I promise that they don't clog your inbox. Right now I am only sending out a newsletter once a month on each Full Moon... unless I have some news that is just too exciting to wait!

To sign up for the newsletter, go HERE!

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