Magickal Goals in Motion

Goals, goals, goals... always on my mind! I will talk about how important goals are on the blog often, so I'm warning you now. I love goals of all sizes, any kind that helps me get to where I want to be is great in my book!

Today I got to scratch TWO goals off my board. They are both classes, but still goals I wanted to get to... that was, signing up for these classes! The next goal is to complete the classes haha! The first class is with Moondaughter in the CMP course (Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Program), this is an online live course that will take me through Spring of next year. I'm super excited to start this!

The other online course was with Worts + Cunning for their Lunar Apothecary course! She is having a coupon sale folks, 30% off with the coupon code: BLUEBIKE. Read about it on her blog here and support the sale, I wish I had extra funds to order some product but I may later in the month!

If you are looking for guidance and clarity in working with your own goals and reaching them, I offer a Goal Guidance reading option in the shop?! Go check it out here!

Also, did you notice the blog change? I hope you guys like it!!

What goals do you have? Are you working towards them? 

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