Taking a Leap + Growing

I have been taking a closer study of the court cards, these cards always take me longer to interpret than the others. Wondering why I have such a weak connection to these 16 cards, I decided to do an in depth study on each one, starting with the Pages.

The Page of Pentacles is all about planting that seed, following your heart, taking a chance and focusing in on what you want. Yesterday I noticed that I was being very much like this card! I took some new chances and pushed myself into new territory that will help grow my heart-centered work and I am very glad I made that extra nudge. A few things I did were...

  • I took a moment to send an email to one of the people who inspires me! This little note went to Paige Z of Tarot and Tea, a magickal woman who will keep you at the edge of your seat with her readings. I have always admired her way with words and how she can capture moments so beautifully in her pictures. Even though the note was simple and short, just hearing her response back was a boost in my day... and I hope my email did the same for her!
  • Another leap I took was to start a GoFundMe campaign to help fund a certified course with Moondaughter. I have been wanting to really expand in helping others, not just with tarot but it other ways such as crystal healing, and I feel this is a good step to take! Being on a very tight budget, taking ecourses has been out of the question for a while since most are a lot of money but completely worth it! If all goes well, I will be signing up next week! I also plan on taking smaller courses at our local herb and holistic shops as well! ** Update: I was funded and able to sign up this coming week! Thank you to those that helped and to the Universe! **

How are you being like the Page of Pentacles? Are you taking any new leaps? 

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