Tarot Tip - The Details

(Cards from a dollhouse miniature)

Do you ever sit and really look at a tarot card? Like really, really look at it. If not, lets do that today!

We all know that feeling when you start a reading feeling calm, grounded and centered... lay down the cards and then hear crickets playing in your ear. It can be really irritating when you draw a blank, more so when you are doing a face-to-face reading, the horror! Even I have days where I find myself staring at a card for 15 minutes and thinking "wtf?!".

Here is a tip for getting those gears in motion and creative juices flowing! When you flip over card and get that blank stare, draw your attention to the first thing you see. What draws you in... is it the tree in the distance? Perhaps the main person in the card? Or maybe it's just the color blue?!

When you look at this little detail, ask yourself these questions:

  • What could this image represent?
  • How does it tie in with the reading?
  • Does it remind me of something, someone or somewhere?
  • How do I feel when I look at this image?

If the first detail doesn't do anything for you, let your attention draw to another image in the card. Use this little technique when drawing a blank!

What is the first thing you notice on the Devil's card? Or what about the Wheel of Fortune?


  1. The Devil : Horns is the first thing I see
    Wheel of Fortune : The Wheel


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