New Moon

Since my Lunar Flow course is starting today, I thought I would share my Moon altar with you all! I was instructed to set up a Moon altar for this course and being a huge lunar nut as is, I was thrilled to do this! The set up is not completely how I wanted but I'm happy with it, simple and sweet. We are working with amethyst for this course and a stone that we are drawn to... it's a toss up for me since I'm highly drawn to the clear quartz yet love a few others. I keep big chunks of clear quartz everywhere, from next to my bed to in the kitchen. There is a meditation I will be doing this week that will help narrow in on the stone, so I'm curious which I will draw closer to since it may end up that I'm drawn to a completely different stone.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day and enjoys the New Moon! What are you bringing into your life this cycle?

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