Picking up the Cards

Some might have noticed a big absence here on the blog. I took some time away from the blog and tarot in general for a bit while I focused on home stuff and getting into a new routine. Now that I have a routine beginning again, I can see where my time is opening up to! That means... more tarot!

It's been a while since I picked up the cards and I can tell you, it feels fantastic when I do! Sometimes it's good to step away for a bit. It allows you to refocus and understand what is important to you. By taking some time away from my love of tarot, it has occurred to me that tarot holds a very big space in my heart. I thought that the time away would make me a bit rusty but instead it was like meeting up with an old friend and picking right back up from where you left off at.

Do you take a tarot break once in a while? If so, how do you feel when you pick the cards back up? 

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  1. I definitely take breaks once in awhile. I usually still handle the cards when I'm on a break, but I don't do readings or blog. Its harder now that I post a daily card on Twitter, I feel like I'd let people down if I missed a couple days. I usually feel pretty eager to get back to reading after a hiatus. :)
    -Sarah Dawn


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