When disaster can strike

Knowing when disaster may come can be a great heads up. You can better prepare for when and if this pops up in your life, then you will be ready to handle the situation. While doing my New Moon reading for myself, the main theme for the coming month was the Disaster card (also known as the Tower). I won't lie and say I didn't flinch when I first saw the card turned over, but allowing myself to dig to a deeper meaning of why this card popped up helped me welcome this card to the table.

Seeing the other cards around the Disaster gave me a pretty clear picture on how this card will come into play. It also shows me how I can fight back against this card.  The spread I'm using is a New Moon spread I found online, here is the break down of positions:
1. Main theme of this coming month - Disaster
2. Seed Planted - Two of Feathers
3. What grows - Five of Feathers
4. What manifests - Liberation 
5. What to release - Ace of Bottles
As I move around the cards starting at the top, I can see that this disaster may be surrounded by mental conflicts. I'm getting a little nudge that this has to do with someone around me, a friend perhaps. This tells me that I am the cause of my own disaster with what I have running through my mind. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions to quickly, or maybe I'm thinking too much about something that really isn't there.

It's clear that when looking at the Five of Feathers that whatever this is, it is eating at me and I'm clearly doing it to myself, this further backs up my idea that it is self centered. Taking the lead from Liberation, I will need to come to terms with this and begin a release. This will be indeed liberating for sure! While most will want to hold onto high emotions, the Ace of Bottles urges me to release some of this emotion that was causing the "disaster" in the first place. Sometimes too much is just too much, one can only hold so much inside before you blow your top... so to speak.

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