Lost and Found

Ever feel lost in life? Or perhaps in spirituality? Thats how I felt for the past couple years. I will go into more detail about this subject in a video this coming week (hopefully, if I am brave enough). Last year I came across Pantheism while watching some video's over at The Four Queens and Heart Story channels. It wasn't until a couple months ago that I decided to re-watch them with a notebook and pen in hand, after only 2 video's I had filled up half of my notebook! For some reason I got very distracted when I first watched them a couple months ago and put off my "findings" to the side.

After watching every video I could find on Pantheism (mostly Naturalistic Pantheism) I went searching for any blogs and websites I could find. Then I went on to look for books and so on. It was a huge "aha!" moment for me while watching the two channels, both women were basically describing how I have felt for a very long time, I just didn't know it!

As much as I agree with everything I have been reading about Naturalistic Pantheism, I still don't consider myself a Pantheist... just yet. I'm still researching and seeing if this is truly something I want to keep working on, but I have a strong feeling I will soon take over that "label" for myself. I find great comfort in having a label, even though I really don't see them as that important. I think I have been wanting a label for myself because I have been so confused on "who I am" for a very long time, so now that I'm finally finding myself it's like learning your name after having amnesia for years. I will try to explain that as well in my video in more detail, typing it out is a bit tricky as I tend to stumble on my words and retype my sentences over and over again, haha!

Now, I didn't really plan to discus my own personal path on the blog as I planned to keep it very "tarot" only. Although as I dig deeper into my life, beliefs and spirituality, I have been wanting to talk more openly about it. I'm still a bit shy about talking about it though, I have been an Atheist for nearly all my life so this is all fairly new to me. I will post the video on the blog when I get it done and up! In the meantime, I'll share my new little nature inspired altar I set up on top of our bedroom dresser. I wanted a space that was very Earthy while I dig deeper into Pantheism. The altar is up just in time for the Autumn Equinox and New Moon early this coming week!

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  1. Thanks for the channel links, off to spend my afternoon checking out some videos!


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