New Tarot Deck Wraps

Super excited about this new tarot case style! I'm still making the the drawstring deck bags, but I wanted to add another style to the shop. These wraps act as both as case and a small cloth for your cards when doing 1-3 card readings!

They have a main pocket for your deck and fit standard RWS decks perfectly with a little room for a slightly larger deck, the sewn in jute cord ties around the wrap to keep it secure. I have tested these out and the cards stay safe, clean and don't shift too much. When you are using your cards you can slip the case over and use it as a small cloth for your spreads. You can fit 1-3 cards comfortably on the cloth and your cards stay clean, perfect if you do coffee shop readings or if your out in nature! Also, you don't have to use them for cards... you can use the wrap to carry along a tiny altar or crystals, even runes!

I have a few in the shop right now and I will be making more very soon!

Also in the works are some tarot cloths! These are larger cloths for spreads and such. So stay tuned! (I'm always saying "stay tuned" lol)


  1. Jess, I LOVE this idea, its brilliant. The capability to use the wrap as a mini reading cloth adds a ton of value. Do you offer custom wraps? I love the black fabric on the inside of the grey cats listing, but I would want that for the outside and something non-cat for the inside.

    1. Thank you so much! I sure can do custom cases! I think I can get similar dark gray fabric again at my local fabric shop (or even the same print), I also have a TON of fabric. So much fabric that I could open up a shop lol!! Shoot me over an email anytime:


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