Tarot for kids

Last night my daughter, who is 5, asked if she could play with my tarot cards. I wasn't too keen on this at first since I didn't think she fully understood how to treat these cards, I feared she may damage them and turn them all into folded tents! So I decided to flip a few cards over for her to see what happens. It was magickal! I really enjoyed hearing the way she was interpreting the cards. She sat in the dining room talking out loud about the stories in each card, what happens next in the images and how the people felt. Apparently she thinks the people in the RWS deck are all very serious, haha!

When I posted this picture of her to my social media, I was surprised to see that a lot of people (even other readers) said they have been wanting to introduce tarot to their kids but didn't know how to approach it. Hearing that prompted this post!

Here are some tips I used with my daughter to get her intuition in motion:

  • Don't start with a reading or a spread, just let the child talk about the cards they see. Even allow them to pick the ones they want to look at it and explore.
  • Ask questions like: What do you think is going on in the image? How do you think the people feel? What do you think happens next in the card? What is your favorite part of this card? Or what do you see first?
  • Act out the cards! You can make this a fun activity by acting the cards out and seeing how they would react together.
  • Use multiple decks and let them explore different images. Let them pick out the deck they wish to look at or show them some of your colorful and more artistic decks. You would be surprised to see how they interpret these cards!

Most of all, make it a fun experience and not a "lesson". Ignore the book meanings and just let their intuition flow. You would be shocked to see how some of their interpreting matches a lot of traditional meanings as well! My daughter and I want to explore some kid friendly decks, I would love to do a post down the road regarding child friendly decks and some reviews!

Have your introduced tarot or oracle cards to your children? Do they have their own deck?

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