Samhain 2014

Since the day is starting to settle down, I thought I would blog about my reflections for my first Samhain celebration. Last year I recognized the Sabbat but didn't really put much effort into actually celebrating it. A couple months ago I decided to really set forth on a Pagan path and slowly build my own practice. So this was the first Sabbat I wanted to celebrate on my new path. I have been in and out of Paganism through my teen years, early 20's and then now in my early 30's. In the past I really never did the studies and put in the effort to learn, this time around I am taking my time and really soaking in everything I come across as well as taking the moment to read and study... I can say now that I am thoroughly enjoying ever footstep in this path I have been creating. The friends and connections I have made have been awesome!

So back to Samhain! I'm not a ritual type of person and I'm learning that, so I decided to just do a simple altar for honoring my ancestors and a tarot reading (I did the same reading last year on Samhain and it took my breath away, I have been looking forward to this reading all year). Since I was honoring Pamela Colman Smith on my altar tonight, I decided to use the RWS deck naturally.

Along with my ancestors, I decided to set up two mini altar's for some deities I have been keen to "work" with more in the new year. These two deities are Hel and Hecate. I have never been very interested in Hecate, but the past two nights have drawn me to her in dreams so I finally decided to seek her out and read what she is all about. I am slowly building a relationship with her archetype and understanding it more and more. Hel has always been very fascinating to me. She is a very empowering Goddess and I absolutely love her symbolism along with Santa Muerte (who is on my ancestor altar right now).

I am looking forward to the rest of the year and the new year to come. My tarot reading gave me lots of insight to think about and plan for, I journaled away in the dark with only a candle to light my pen.

Hope you all had a great Samhain!

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