Samhain and Ancestors

Who all is excited for Samhain?! I know I am, Friday can't come soon enough! I have been doing a lot of deep thinking about Samhain and my ancestors. This year I am taking the time to honor three people in my life.

The first person I want to honor is my Great Grandmother, Granny. She was a big part of my life growing up and I was honored to have her at my wedding in 2007. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of one of her adventures or stories she would tell. Her life consisted of living in Saudi Arabia and Thailand, as well as traveling to Italy and other places in Europe. She had a pet monkey while living in Thailand, she was nearly buried in an earthquake while as a young girl in school, she spoke perfect Thai and would always give you the coat on her back. Anyone that met her would hear the stories she would tell and she would often bake them a pie. She was a treasure to have in the family.

The second person I am honoring is my father in law, Bob Sr.. He passed away earlier this year and it was quite sudden, it left a huge hole in our hearts. No matter how he was feeling each day, he was always in the kitchen cooking or baking, even if that meant falling asleep while stirring the pots. He welcomed everyone into his home and made them feel like family. I am lucky enough to have married my husband who is a mirror of his father, from looks all the way down to the gentle and kind soul they shared. My father in law was often a father to many, he helped fill the fatherly role for those who needed. He has been dearly missed by all.

The other person is not one of my family line of ancestors, but someone who has a strong influence in my life. Every day that I pick up my tarot deck, I am giving my respect to her. This amazing woman is Pamela Colman Smith. I read a few blogs recently that talked about honoring ancestors that are not in your family, those who inspire and effect you in your life. When thinking about people in history that have had an effect on me, Pamela Colman Smith comes to mind instantly. Who better to honor on my Samhain table than this great woman. The RWS deck is one of my go-to decks when teaching someone about tarot or just doing readings for myself or others. I believe Pamela Colman Smith deserves a great deal of respect and I want to honor her during Samhain this year... she will have a permanent place on my altar for everyday of the year as well now.

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