Sedona Part One

Thought I would share my weekend with you all! I'm calling this "part one" since we are heading back up to Sedona this weekend to celebrate our 7 year anniversary on the 20th. This weekend was kind of last minute but worth it! We seem to be always in Sedona since it's only a 2 hour trip from our house, we used to go here more often before Z was born as well. Here are some random pictures I took while up there... more next weekend, we plan to do some serious nature hikes!

I even picked up a few goodies! The Zombie Tarot has been popping up on my travels a lot lately so I caved and bought it, along with some new stones and a salt rock candle holder. All pictures were taken with my iPhone (yes, even the moon shot as well... with the help from out telescope of course)

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