Tutorial: Intention Candles

This tutorial was supposed to be a video but my set up wasn't working for it, so I blogged it! I wanted to share how I collaged my intention candles, it's super easy and fun to! The one thing I will not be showing you is how to dress or fix your candle. I feel it's a very personal and varied thing to do so I wanted to leave that part out so you can create your own ritual for that. Now, these candles aren't very "traditional" for magick and such, but I like things like that! :)

** Update, I did talk a little more about these candles on my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Npnq15oL0I"

You will need...

  • Glass Candles (found at most grocery stores and some retail shops, or search online)
  • Glue Stick (I usually use the Elmer's Extreme, but any kind works great for this)
  • Magazines (that features are you are drawn to)
  • A paper cutter OR scissors (I recommend using a ruler as well if you are using scissors)
  • Your intention!

I will be doing the tutorial on the taller glass candles. Figure out what intent you want your candle to be for, I'm doing a tarot candle to use when cleanse my decks. I have several others I did for daily intentions (like setting goals for the day) and one for self-love to bring out my higher self.

You will cut your art down to 3.5" wide x 6" tall (you can also do what size you like as well, just make sure it measures up on your candle right).

After I get my image cut, I added some ransom styles letter cuts to spell out TAROT. You can leave your image like this or add more cut outs on the image. Be sure to glue each cut out down good!

Now, we are ready to glue down the image on to the candle. So your candle doesn't move while you are glueing down the image, I like to prop it still with some books or magazines. I add the glue to the back of the image (not directly on the candle), then only stick the image down in the center. Carefully rub the image center to edge, rubbing from center out will get rid of bubbles under the image.

To be sure the image is really pressed on good, I use my leg to rub and press the image down. I kind of roll and rub if that makes sense.

... and now you have your candle! It's ready for you to dress or fix and get to work! There are lots of online and book tutorials on how to do dress or fix your candle, I'm sure YouTube has some video's as well. If you are into Rootwork, the book The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic is excellent for candle work.

I really love making these candles and may list some in the shop soon. The candles have that extra personal touch and I think that helps amplify that intent.


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