Weekly Guidance Reading: October 20th - 26th

Today I was planning to use the Ceccoli Tarot for the weekly guidance reading but I decided to use a new deck I picked up last week. This deck is the Animal Messages Oracle and I adore it! I don't find to many oracle decks with bats in them, so it was a given for me to pick up as I love bats and they are one of my Animal Spirits (I have several).

Choose a card!
Take several deep breaths to help calm and center yourself. When you feel you are ready, use your intuition and select a card. This is the card that will give you some guidance this week, look below to uncover your reading.

Card Reveal and Reading

Card #1: Bear
Soak up the sun this week and get creative! If painting is your gig, then paint through the days ahead! If music is your passion, then strum your tune! Whatever tickles your fancy and allows you to put on the artistic hat, DO IT! This week is about getting your head out of the clouds and make things happen. Create some magic!

Card #2: Eagle
Plan, blog, write, design... anyway you can work on your path, dreams or idea's, go for it! This is a great week to fine tune your projects and get them to the next big step! Put pen to paper and get some fresh idea's down, do a collage even! Make it exciting and inspiring. Spread those wings and see where the wind takes you!

Card #3: Butterfly
Time to change things up this week, break some minor habits or go in a new direction! Move towards things that make you smile and bring you great joy. Perhaps a new perspective is needed, don't be afraid to ask for guidance from those that share your enthusiasm! This may be a good week to make new friends and come out of your shell, open yourself up a bit and step out of your comfort zone.

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