Weekly Guidance Reading - Starting Sunday!

Starting on Sunday I will be offering a free weekly guidance reading here on the blog. I've seen a couple other readers do this as well and I just love it! Here is how it works:

I will sit with the cards and set out intentions while I meditate over the cards. Then I will draw 3 cards for you to select from and place them face down (like the picture above). You will be able to intuitively select a card that you are drawn to while thinking about the week ahead. After you have selected a card, you can scroll lower to read the intuitive reading of the card you selected (like the picture at the end of this post). This will grant you some guidance for the week ahead, how you can plan and what you can be prepared for. The "week ahead" will be for Monday - Sunday.

I'm very excited about this and can't wait to post on Sunday! (this is not the same as the free readings I will be offering, this is something different. I will have more details on those readings this weekend!)

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