Weekly Oracle Reading: October 13th - 19th

The is the first week of my "Weekly Oracle Reading", super excited to get this started! I planned to get this posted last night but I had some things pop up and it took me away from the computer. I will be going back and forth with Oracle and Tarot cards, I want to be able to mix things up a bit. For this weeks free reading I will be using the Messenger Oracle, one of my favorites.

Choose a card!
Take several deep breaths to help calm and center yourself. When you feel you are ready, use your intuition and select a card. This is the card that will give you some guidance this week, look below to uncover your reading.

Card Reveal and Reading...

Card #1 "Heed the messengers"
Open your heart this week and listen to the messages that are being sent your way. These messages can come in many forms, keep your eyes and ears open and be prepared for the slightest of whisper. Look for repeated symbols that show up day by day, or perhaps you might keep running into a certain animal... these can all be messages. Try to research the meanings of what you are finding, these may be secret notes left for you to seek out. Journaling is a great idea this week if you don't already journal, this way you can keep track of messages that come your way!

Card #2 "Seek the lesson"
If something sparks your interest this week, be sure to seek it out as learning leads to growth! Soak in the littlest of clues and knowledge, you never know where this will lead. It could open the doors to new possibilities or help tap into idea's that you may have forgotten. Let inspiration guide you to new doors and don't be afraid to take some leaps!

Card #3 "Nurture all you love"
This is a great time to show others you love how you feel about them. Showing gratitude to those who inspire and nurture your soul should be a big focus this week. What you send out will come back to you, so send out lots of love and compassion! One of the greatest things in life is taking the journey with family and great friends! Be a good listener and a shoulder to cry on this week, be there for those you love and let them know you care.

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