Book Haul

Bring on 2015.... too soon? All I can think about this month is the new year, what new things will be entering my life, opportunities, planning... I love it all! I'm a sucker for list making, even though I rarely stick to.

I followed the Magical Almanac all year and loved that book. My local bookstore was out of the new 2015, but had the Moon Signs one in stock, so instead I picked up We'Moon! I have been really wanting a copy of We'Moon after hearing some awesome chatter about it. The book looks fantastic if you have not seen it before, I highly recommend picking up a copy! The pages are full glossy color and just lovely.

Last night under the Full Moon my husband and I spent some time outside in our patio, burning incense I made to honor her glowing gorgeousness and left some of my decks & crystals out to soak in the Moon's light. I don't leave out all my decks & crystals since I have quite a collection, so I decided to pick through the ones that I want to work with during this new Moon cycle.
  • The Collective Tarot (always goes under the Full Moon)
  • The Homestuck Tarot
  • The Ceccoli Tarot
  • Rider Waite Smith (another that always gets set out)

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