Mini Herb Haul

When I first started this blog my intent was to only discuss Tarot with readings, tips, deck reviews, etc. But since I've started Tarot my path and practice came to life along the journey. So the blog started to be more of a sacred space for me to talk about my practice and other things aside from Tarot. I hope you all enjoy the posts and don't me straying away from Tarot talk on the blog from time to time. I was going to create a whole new blog just for that, but I think I may keep it all in one.

Today I decided to run over to my favorite herb shop Desert Sage Herbs. I just love that place! People are friendly, the store is cozy (and newly remodeled), they have great stock and lots of little extra things. I have been planning out a prosperity honey jar and kept putting it off since I figured I would need to order some new herbs just for this, but then I decided to just get in the car and head to the shop to see what they had on my list. I was shocked to see that they had all but one herb on my list in stock (Alkanet and Abre Camino - but I knew they wouldn't carry them anyways). I ended up grabbing and ounce each of Alfalfa, Irish Moss and Fenugreek Seed... as well as some extra's that I saw at the check out. Picked up a Smokey Quartz, candles and an Evil Eye. Ended up paying under $13, good deal I say!

Some properties of the herbs
Alfalfa - To attract money, especially when seeking a loan
Fenugreek Seeds - Will help bring money through wages or through luck
Irish Moss - Increases money and prosperity, also through gambling

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