My Tarot Ritual

For a long while now I haven't gotten a grove with how I do my readings. Every time I pulled out the cards I would do it a different way, which I was always fine with. Lately I have noticed a pattern forming and one I am growing more comfortable with, it's a Tarot ritual. When I get ready to do a reading, I tend to repeat some steps to smudging out my space and get my focus ready.

My ritual includes:

  • Candle - for Tarot work only (use the same candle each time)
  • Smudging Set - abalone shell and Palo Santo
  • Crystals - whichever I'm drawn to that day or a stone that I "attached" to that deck
  • My Cards - of course!

The ritual steps:
  1. I light my candle
  2. I use the candle flame to light my Palo Santo and get it smoking (using a working candle when smudging has been my "go to" for when the smoke goes out, I can light it back up again quickly instead of looking for matches or a lighter)
  3. When the smoke starts to twirl from the Palo Santo, wish my hands I sweep the smoke around my table space
  4. Then with my crystal one hand and deck in the other, I focus on the flame and take several deep breaths. I even think about the question or situation I plan to do the reading on (often times it's my daily Energy & Advice reading, so I focus on that)
  5. When ready, I riffle shuffle my deck once, then go about my normal shuffling and reading...
Those first few steps have really grounded my reading focus a lot more lately. I'm not normally a ritual type of person, but I do like mini rituals like these. They give me a bit of structure during the day.

When I'm completely done with my reading and journaling, I will snuff out my candle and return it all to my shelf for the next time I do a reading.


  1. This seems like the perfect mini ritual, not too complex, but definitely full of power and intention. I'm kinda jealous that you get to use Palo Santo, its my favorite, but it sets off my smoke alarm really easily, so I can't use it except in teeny tiny doses. :( I love your tarot candle by the way. :)
    Sarah Dawn

    1. I'm actually really shocked that our alarm doesn't go off to lol! It goes off when we make toast, it's SO sensitive. I use it near the patio door, so that could be why it doesn't go crazy. lol


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