Weekly Guidance Reading: November 10th - 14th

Yay! I was able to pull some cards for my readers, so sorry about the last few weeks! For tonight, I decided to use my Gaia Oracle. It's been sitting up on the shelf for a bit and needed a bit of attention.

Choose a card!
Take several deep breaths to help calm and center yourself. When you feel you are ready, use your intuition and select a card. This is the card that will give you some guidance this week, look below to uncover your reading.

Card Reveal and Reading

Card #1: Evolution - "Earth Changes, Climate Changes, Transformation"
There may be some signs this week of change, this could be a good thing if you are wanting it to come. If not, don't fear it! Change can happen for many reasons, always trust in the universe and Mother Earth that any movement is done for a reason.
Card #2: Hidden Path - "The marriage of spirit and matter"
Spiritual shift and doors many swing open this week. Be sure you are open to these new opportunities and allow this new wave to merge with your current day to day life. It may be tricky to get the new balance on track but I have faith that you will level out well by the end of the week.
Card #3: Nine of Hearts - "Fulfillment, Harmony, Protection"
The Sun is shining this week for you, soak in the rays and enjoy it fully. Try not to let let any negative emotions or cycles break into the week. This is time for you to enjoy and let your hair down a bit. Perhaps picking up a new book or checking out a new movie will help you unwind!

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  1. Love it I picked 3 it was perfect for me. Thanks!��


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