Always room for growth!

Since I am always looking to learn and grow as a reader, I love a good tarot course! I have taken a few courses with Biddy Tarot and loved them, they really helped fill in some area's that I wanted to improve. I don't think there is anything wrong with taking tarot classes and courses! No matter where you are in life as a reader, I think courses are always great to take. Whether you have been reading for years or whether you just picked up your first deck today.

The courses I tend to look for are ones that take a slightly different approach to tarot. I like teachers that think outside of the box when it comes to throwing cards. Last night I decided to sign up for The Alternative Tarot Course taught by Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot! The course totally caught my eye and I just had to sign up. I have always really loved Beth's approach to reading the cards, I feel a strong connection to her style and adore her blog. Not to mention she is a fellow Collective Tarot owner as well! The reason I decided to take this course in general was to help improve my tarot blogging. She had mentioned that the course can help with blogging inspiration, as well as a different approach to reading the cards. My style is very intuitive, meaning I tend to toss the book out the window when I read my cards. So this was right up my alley!

I'm starting this course on Monday, even though I already kind of read through the first week chapter. It's an 8-week course and looks super fun! I'm debating on posting my "homework" on the blog or just keep it in my new journal... that I totally bought just for the class! My 2014 journal is filled to the last page and I had yet to start a 2015 journal, gasp! Another thing I need to think of over the weekend is what deck/s I want to use. Thinking of using this course to either work on a deeper connection to one of my current decks or alternate a deck each week. The other day I mentioned I have a new deck coming so I know for sure I want to use this in the course, but I don't think it will be here for a couple weeks, bummer! So I went through all my decks (my collection has shrunk, I have sold a lot of decks recently that got no love and kept only the decks that truely had a place in my heart) and came to these:

  • Collective Tarot - a given, since it was my grail deck and I have a great relationship with it
  • Homestuck Tarot - another one I adore, this deck has really grown on me!
  • "The new deck coming" - shhh, a secret till it arrives!

What about you, do you like tarot courses? If so, what are your favorites that you have taken? (I need some enabling! lol)


  1. I've considered taking Beth's course too. She is super awesome and I feel like I could trust her as a teacher. I am very particular about who I open myself up to as a student and I feel like I need to connect with them and trust them since being a student is being vulnerable and opening yourself up to someone else's influence. I hope you write at least a little about the experience of taking the course on the blog, I'd love to hear about it. :)
    Sarah Dawn

    1. I decided to start now and just lengthen my first week till next Monday (the 2nd) and I have to say, I really like it. It helped me pull out some interesting things out of my cards that I looked past before on the deck I'm using (The Homestuck Tarot). I will be curious as the weeks go on, the first week is kind of a basic "starting point" week, so I'm looking forward to the later weeks! :)


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