I'm still breathing, I promise!

Hello! It has been quite some time since I have posted on the blog. I took a major leave of absense from tarot (as you can see). I was offering free readings and then after my reading, I had completely fell off the tarot wagon and lost my focus. I felt so terribly bad that I left a couple people hanging, but I was warmed to know that they understood.

So what happened? I went through a major shift and lost my drive and focus. I have only touched my cards maybe once or twice this year so far and we are already in the middle of February! Ack! Fear not though, I just ordered a new deck to hopefully get me back on track... so stay tuned for the reveal of this deck when it arrives, I want to keep it as a surprise haha!

As of right now, I am not doing any readings for others at this point. I do not like to give readings if I feel I am not fully focused, it's not fair to my client. I do miss my cards and want to start throwing some down soon, but I also want to begin blogging again. So I'm trying to figure out some fun ways to mash the two together. I know a while back I said I planned to go through each card here on the blog and I have not forgotten that either, so mayb ethat could be an idea to finally work on. I'll figure something out!

I miss you all and I feel so loved that some have been emailing me even when I'm not active. Thank you guys! I promise to be back on the blog soon! <3

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