The Hierophant

So, I caved and decided to start the Alternative Tarot course two days early instead of waiting till Monday. I think I will just be adding these extra days to the first week and start week 2 on the 2nd, sounds good to me! This morning I pulled The Hierophant out from my Homestuck Tarot and was inspired to blog about it. Normally when I do daily draws, I pull two cards, so to do just one will be a challenge for me. I just like a two card draw (which is normally a energy + advice reading for the day).

Now, this is a slightly different image of the Hierophant than most are used to.  The guy on my cards for sure has a mobster feel to me, but still a great length of mystery as well. When first looking at the colors of this card, three stand out most to me: Deep Red, Dark Gray and a Light Pea Green. This only adds to the mystery for me, someone lurking in the shadows with a secret to share. 

The element that I feel is being represented on this card for me is the fire/wands suit. I get a strong sense of this element even though I think communication is in play as well, I feel he wants me to take action with the messages he is about to give me. 

If I were to meet this guy in a dark alley, this guy would signal me over very casually to say he has an important task for me. He has trust in me that I will listen and take what he says to heart, he knows I will do my best and try to get the task done. Even though this guy is a bit intimidating, I really think he has a bit of forgiveness to him but it still fairly stern. This gangster does not feel human to me at all, looking at his hands, I can see he is partially skeleton. Perhaps he has risen from the dead to teach me a lesson or pass along some dark secret that he has learned? Or maybe he is giving me a warning? Looking at the background of this card, it's clear he went through some serious shit, so whatever he is here to tell me must be important!

What do you see in this card? What message do you this this mobster wants to share?


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