The Fool

If I were to meet the Fool for coffee... he would be late. Not on purpose however. The Fool may have gotten side tracked while walking down the street, perhaps a patch of daisies caught his eye and decided to stop to see if they have a message to share with him, or someone on the street corner handed him a band flyer and he decided to run off to hear them play. The Fool is very "live by the moment" and goes where his heart leads. Often times he purposely leaves his cell phone at home so no one can interrupt his day. He rarely checks his email, if he does... it's weeks before you hear back from him. Again, not on purpose, he means well!

(The Collective Tarot)

His Converse shoes are worn with holes so you can see his non-matching socks. He has hair like the late Kurt Cobain and always seen carrying a bag filled with random supplies:

  • A deck of tarot cards, a few are heavily worn
  • Several granola bars
  • A film camera but with no film
  • Some spoons and a single match
  • An over-stuffed journal, packed with pressed flowers and concert tickets
The Fool is a very light hearted person, very carefree, at times he can be too carefree. His is always ready to take the first leap on a journey, even if he has no place to go or and end in sight. He can easily tap into childhood innocence and know that everything has potential. I see the Fool as a dreamer who books a random flight to a new city on the whim that they may find happiness, or someone who picks up a Tarot deck for the first time and not knowing anything about the cards but is eager to learn, or perhaps I see the Fool in myself when just getting out of bed... a new day, a new journey. 

Where do you see the Fool?


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