Witchy Wants for June

Some sacred items I've been lusting for this month! Thought I would share! What are some things you have been wishing for this month?

◉  ◉  ◉

Palmistry Moon Mystic Altar Tile by Unusual Optical Designs 
These wood tiles have been calling my name for a while now, I would love to add one to my moon space! This shop has gorgeous crystals and other wood tiles, the jewelry selection is stunning!

Ancestors Handmade Ritual Candle by Magic Hour Astrology 
I adore these candles! I have the Clearing candle and I use it every morning with my yoga and meditation, as well as anytime I wish to hold sacred space. They are beautifully made and smell wonderful. I have wanted to add a few to my collection and this Ancestor candle will for sure be my next purchase from their shop.

Midsummer Ritual Incense by Black Earth Botanica 
With the Summer Solstice right around the corner (and on my birthday!), these have been sitting in my shopping cart. Not only does the incense blend sound delightful, but the packaging looks inviting! 

Starfield Leather Journal by Odelae 
What fellow Pantheist wouldn't treasure this blank journal, I know I do! I've been drooling over this journal for some time now. This shop also carries other gorgeous journals, they all look so carefully made.

Luna Ring by Kulla 
Being a seeker and follower of La Luna, this would be a pretty piece to add to my daily attire. I love the simple style of this ring, I'm not normally a ring wearer so this is right up my alley! The seller also makes some gorgeous stone rings as well!

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