“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will” 
- Chuck Palahniuk

I'm Jess Rollar - a tarot reader, coffee addict and cat lover! I'm often seen gazing at the moon and journaling about the cards. I also dabble in tea leaf reading, folk herbalism, and have been known to grab your hand to read your story! 

I have been throwing cards since 2013 and have taken a very keen love in reading for others and myself. I have a great passion for helping others using tarot and I'm always curious to see what the cards have to say! 

While I have always had a very strong intuition, once I discovered tarot it was an instant connection for me. A lot of my time and study goes into growing in my practice and discovering new corners to venture! I read the cards with intuition as I unfold the story on the table, with a heavy heart and full focus.

When I am not throwing cards I am seen knitting, fine tuning my path, or watering my garden. I reside in Arizona with my husband, daughter and our cat, Elvis. 

For more info, feel free to email me for other questions! 

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