All information shared by my clients is 100% confidential. I do not share or speak about your situation to anyone, not even my husband or cat. I will always ask for permission to use your situation if I think it could benefit others, but would not include names or specifics... and always only with your consent.

If you would like a reading done by me, you must be 18 years or older. I will not read for minors or even with parent consent.

I will not do third party readings. Meaning, please don't come to me asking "Is my husband cheating on me?" or "Is my friend talking about me?".

When reading tarot, I always provide honesty and compassion. I take everyone's situation and emotions to heart, I want you to be comfortable and always end with a good note!

My readings are not to replace your own personal judgment... meaning please don't run off and quit your job or divorce your husband because the cards point in a certain direction!

I will never tell you what to do, as I am there with a helping hand with guidance and direction. Often times I will leave you with several questions to ask yourself and to journal about.

I am nor a psychic or a therapist. I do not specialize in financial advising, legal matters and medical specializing. If your situation is of any of these listed, please seek professional help on the matter.

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