What is the inspiration behind the name Tarot Seed?
I have been doing tarot for close to a year now and not only do I grow as a reader, but so does my skill of reading the cards and my intuition. I compare my path as a seed, growing day by day.
How did you learn tarot?
I am self taught. Classes always seemed fun but just weren't my thing. I have learned everything with practice, curiosity and gut instinct. I have read many books on tarot out of curiosity and just the love of reading, but my approach has always been strictly intuitive vs. by the book.
I've heard you mention "products" before, do you have a shop?
Yes! I run a small Etsy shop and sell handmade. My products consist of tarot bag cases, hand bound journals and other fun little gifts. The shop is currently in the process of moving, so I will announce when it is up and running again!
If I'm in the area, can I meet up for a reading?
I normally only do emailed readings, as I am quite shy. But if the chance pops up and I am willing, sure! Sometimes I find it much easier to throw cards with a client and chat over coffee, it always turns out fun and inspiring! I hope to offer Skype readings at some point in my practice.
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