Look at the love on this page!? I'm grateful for any feedback I see come my way, thank you all so much!

Chelsea Rose aka Lucid Rose says:
"I was panicking about a major life decision that the universe had decided to present me with and time was running out. I decided I needed some divine wisdom so I contacted Jess saying I needed an emergency tarot reading. Her response was immediate and the reading was spot on and it did so much to ease my mind and calm my nerves! I am so glad I thought to contact her for a reading. I highly recommend Jess's divination work, she will not disappoint!"

Kelly-Ann of The Four Queens
On Facebook, she wrote: "Let me take a minute to rave about a wonder woman of the cyber waves. Jess Rollar is the creatrix behind Tarot Seed - a blog and Etsy shop for Tarot readings with some occasional hand-made goods on offer too. I purchased some cute little zines from her a while back because I am ADDICTED to zines, and they dosed my day with sunshine. I have also had the privilege of getting my cards read by her and she comes fully recommended. Her blog is full of delicious imagery and wonderful insights - it's a current favourite of mine. So, if you didn't know her, you do now."

Nora says:
"Jess's tarot reading for me was completely spot on! I was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading as well as her knowledge of the subject matter, the cards, and her thoroughness in general. She typed up the entire reading for me and explained everything very comprehensively. Highly impressive! I'd recommend her and her readings to anyone. Thanks, Jess! :)"

Amanda says:
"I received a general reading from Jess and it was SO uncannily accurate that I asked her to do another on a specific subject as well as a soul/personality card reading. The way the reading is delivered is very professional and also creatively pleasing so much so that I have printed  mine out and added it to my journal."

Elizabeth says:
"Wow incredible!! Thank you that hits all the areas in my life exactly on point !! You have a wonderful gift !! This was the first reading I've ever had in my life, it was absolutely on the spot with everything. I'm in awe right now."

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Others have said:

"Jess's readings are comprehensive and spot on. She really takes the time to focus and provides an accurate reading with a lot of foresight behind her interpretations. Overall, I would have Jess read for me any day." 
"This is an amazing reading, I have had many readings in my life but you accurately pin pointed the feelings and the situation going on around me" 
"It is right on with how I'm feeling." 

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