Deck Review: The Portland Tarot

**Want to point out that my deck has been altered, I removed the borders on my version. To see the original borders of this deck head to the website below **

I have had this deck in my hands for a while now and I keep forgetting to do a review of it. This deck... is... AWESOME! The Portland Tarot was on my wish list for a while, I finally ordered it when the new version came out around September. While I don't normally use or collect major only deck's, I had to have this one!

Deck: The Portland Tarot
Creator: Theresa Pridemore
Co-Writer (book): Jamie Morris
Card Count: 23 - Majors only
Size: 4" x 6"


When I got the package and opened it, I was in love. The packaging was awesome, very simple and nice. The deck does not come with a box, instead it comes with a cardboard style wrap (mine is signed above in the picture). The deck comes with 23 Major Arcana cards, 3 Bridge cards, 2 info cards and the book.

First Impression

Love it! I absolutely love the artwork in this deck. I am not very traditional when it comes to art, I prefer more lowbrow or pop surrealism, so this deck was right up my alley! The cards are thick, but still flexible enough for shuffling. I can't speak much more about the card quality since I cut the borders off my deck, so my edges are not stock anymore and have been peeling a bit but that is my own fault. The cards are great, I also like the shine on them... not to shiny and not too dull.

Different Cards

The deck comes with an extra card that is optional to use, I use it! This card is The Weird. Some cards in the deck are different and do not follow the traditional titles. These cards are:

Tower = Mount St. Helens
The Hanged Man = The Hanged Woman
Hierophant = The House of the Seeker
The World = The City

Extra Cards

Other than The Weird card I mentioned above, the deck comes with 3 Bridge cards. There is an info card that goes along with these and explains how they can be used. I haven't played much with these cards but I really like the idea, so I will be using these soon in a spread.


I have to say, I am very impressed with the book that comes with the deck! The info it packs is awesome and different than all the other books. The book is quite large compared to a normal LWB. The first 16 pages are all about the deck, spreads, etc. The rest of the book is about each card and how it reads in a reading, affirmations, etc. The booklet is 64 pages total and consists of information on the last page about how this deck links to the city Portland. LOVE that!

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  1. My new favorite deck! It is obviously gorgeous, and I've had/given and received really powerful readings from it. Highly recommend!


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